Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday is here

Well this is a new one for me. The picture is on the opposite side, I must have checked the wrong box for placement, too early in the morning. Nothing to really write about but just wanted to post to let you all know I am alive and well.
This is a quilt I made about six years ago. It was made before I got my longarm so it is quilted on my sewing machine. I like this quilt because I love the colors of fall. I went to a class given by a lady in a Bible study I was attending at the time and this is the quilt pattern we all made. It was so much fun to see everyones fabric choices and how the pattern looks so different when other fabrics are used. I embroidered, by hand, different leaves in the yellow squares to quilt them. I did a decrotive stitch along the seam allowances on the stripes and nine patches.

I have completed the Judy L quilt, and am still working on the scrappy TWTH. The baby blanket was well received. That always puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I will post pictures of the completed Judy L top and scrappy TATW later. I have to cut two more sets of six fabrics for the TATW. It is getting close to top completed, four more 36 patch blocks, and one more border. I guess I best get started. Good day to all.

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Finn said...

Hi Dot, what a neat quilt...*VBS* And one that has stood up well both design wise and in person.
Gosh, it's pretty old already!! And you know, that always amazes me to realize...LOL I can show you a leaf quilt from 1984 when we first moved here. It feels old when I see it or talk about it, but until I sit down and actually THINK about it, I didn't realize it's already 22 years old! My gosh!!! That means my youngest son, who just turned 30 in April, was only 8 when I made it. And HIS son is already 7 years old..oh my gosh!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your oldie but goodie!!! Hugs, Finn