Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Visitor

I had a very special visitor last night. I never thought I would get a visit form Jack Frost in Portland Oregon but I did. I have lived here for 16 years now, this is the second time in Portland, and can not remember ever seeing Jack Frost on any windows. I went out to the truck this morning to do my errands and I was greeted with this beautiful painting. I decided to go back into the house for my camera as I don't know if I will see this again. I love the pictures he leaves behind when he visits. I often tell the kids while placing sealant material on their teeth that the acid etch will make the top of their teeth look like Jack Frost until I place the sealant material, then I realize they don't know what I am talking about because he doesn't visit us. Until today. No frost on my house windows but a beautiful view on my windsheild.
Just wanted to share.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful patterns in nature!

I will be in Portland again at the end of my visit, after Jan 1, so maybe we can meet up if you have the time. Please email me at if you have the chance to meet up, I still check every day, addiction is hard!

Alena said...

hi dot,
what a beautiful pattern, thanks for sharing the photos and for leaving a comment on my blog, it is always so nice to find one...