Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Decorations?????

While I am cleaning house, to prepare for the holidays and the wedding, I decided to group these unusal decorations togeather. The Korn ragdoll belongs to my son. I gave that to him many years ago when he was "into" the group Korn. When Christmas came around we decided he needed some Christmas cheer so I made him a Santa hat and the poor little fella has had the hat on ever since.

The wind-up nun is from a co-worker from a few years ago. He bought this for me, I guess it reminded him of me, a fire spitting nun. Don't know why but I do know I can spit fire from time to time.

The Christmas cow is from my sister, she gave me this cow in the late 90's when we went to her house in Montana for Christmas. She painted the little bell, it says "I love Mootana". I really like the cow and leave it out all year. Actually all these decorations stay out all year in different areas of the house. I just grouped them togeather for the Holidays and the picture.

Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I really like is your candle holders! What a great idea. Season's Greetings to you.

Holly said...

This has turned out to be an extremely busy season for you what with the showers, upcoming wedding, Christmas, your mil moving to assisted living... You still managed to get the wedding quilt done! It's beautiful. I'll be thinking of you and looking forward to future postings. I didn't decorate this year at all --notta, zip, nothing. Merry Christmas!