Sunday, February 11, 2007

Working ahead

Well after the mishap yesterday with the back window in my truck I decided to sew the day away. I completed the quarter square triangles and decided to forge ahead. I have all 20 of the star squares completed. Here is a small sampling of the squares.
What we did with the truck, hubby and I cleaned up the glass and put plastic on the back window. It sure is a big inconvenience. I found a small glass marble in the bed of the truck, I figure this is what they used to break the window. Hubby spent time calling around for quotes on replacing and the expense is great. I just don't understand how others can think it is fun to destroy the property of others. Oh well we can only press on. I will close now and work on cleaning my sewing room. I have many charity quilts to quilt and some other tops I want to get quilted. Have a great day.


Fiona said...

The damage to your truck is too bad - so senseless. The star blocks look great though.

Sweet P said...

I like those blocks. I bet the completed quilt is going to be great.

Sorry to hear about your truck. Sometimes people can be so thoughtless.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It's hard to imagine how a small glass marble could have created all that damage, I suppose the method used to propel it combined with the cold proved too much for the window. The Valentine's star blocks are very, very pretty.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Oh, Dot - I'm just getting caught up on your blog - that is terrible about your truck! I've had a small crack in my windshield for a few weeks but putting off getting a new one until tax money comes in. But yours can't be put off. So sorry!

I love your red/pink stars for Judy's HADQP - you are the only person I know of making it this time. Or at least I just haven't found anyone elses progress yet. :c) ~Bonnie

Clare said...

I love the blocks and so sorry to read about your truck. Thoughtless.

Shelina said...

I think that so many people look at problems like this as harmless teenage pranks. I'm sure the perpretrator didn't think about the time and money and emotion you invest in taking care of this. Did you find out if anybody else in your neighborhood had this problem?

Barbara Bennett said...

Don't you have insurance on the truck? I only pay $100 deductible on glass (like replacing the windshield which I've had to do twice with my current car).

Anonymous said...

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