Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pink, Pink, Pink

This is turning out very pink. I am not a pink person but have collected pink fabric over the past few years to make a Breast Cancer quilt(scroll down to Aug. 2nd) and a pink and brown quilt . I have completed both, they are not quilted yet, but the tops are done and I still swim in pink. I have made two Trip Around the World, one baby and one twin and now this quilt and I am still swimming in pink. I will eventually widdle the pink down but in the process there is alot if pink. Oh I almost forgot I used pink in the Sex and the City quilt also.
The HAD quilt is very bright but I do think the black Valentine fabric I am going to use for the borders will calm it down. We are having a very beautiful day today and I might stop sewing to go out and do some yard work. I have much sewing to do but the outdoors is calling also.
Enjoy the week-end.


joyce said...

I love the pink quilt but then pink is one of my favorite colors. Of course, what color isn't as long as it's in a quilt!

Libby said...

I'm not a pink person either, but I think your quilt looks terrific.

Norma said...

I consider myself a "pink" person so you can send that gorgeous quilt my way! *LOL* I am sure whoever ends up with that quilt will really appreciate it! Beautiful!

Beth said...

oh your HAD is SO pretty! I was proud of myself that I had gotten caught up with all the blocks! You spur me on to keep up to date. Mine is RWB and I hope will be a QOV.

Anne said...

Your pink HAD quilt is lovely! The contrast between all the different pinks makes it just sparkle.

qwltnfool said...

Lovely pink quilt! It's rare that I use pink even though it is one of my favorite colors. Montana AFB - Is Malstrom in Great Falls? ...I was near Glasgow AFB during it's closing years. You brought back some memories!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Not a huge pink lover either, but this quilt could get me over that! Well done!!

Lois R. said...

The pink and brown is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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