Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I stopped at Abertson's tonight on my way home from work to buy groceries. When I entered the store they had a display of books on sale at a discounted price. I found these two quilting books in the bin. I paid 3.99 for the vintage quilting and 2.99 for the winter book. I thought this was a pretty good bargain.
The patterns are pretty basic, I probably already have the basic patterns in other books, but seeing them laid out in a format gives me ideas, and for the price I felt like these books were very affordable.
I blew it today. I had put myself on a fabric diet for the year. I made a decision not to purchase any fabric this year unless I needed fabric for a special quilt (a gift with a purpose) or one fabric backing. Well, I stopped at the fabric store today to purchase some thread and ended up buying three remnants. I spent about 9.00 in total, which wasn't to bad, but I must say I felt a bit anxious while standing at the check-out stand. This is my first fabric purchase of the year. I will go back on my plan tomorrow. I will just have to be stronger next time I stop in to buy thread.
Back to sewing, have a great evening one and all.

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joyce said...

THe books look interesting and even if you have the patterns who can resist a book on sale. As for the fabric, every quilter needs a treat once in awhile.