Sunday, March 11, 2007


I just couldn't wait to see how things were going to go together. This is what I have so far. I have not used up all my flowers, just wanted to see how they would like. I was wondering how I was going to put these together until I saw the antique quilts Mary posted on her blog. I liked the look of just the white background. I was thinking of green to represent leaves but I just didn't feel like I wanted that but when I saw that quilt on Mary's blog that was when I made my decision to make the quilt this way.
Yesterday was my sewing group. I don't know how but I forgot to take my camera. We had a great time. We are making a double Irish Chain, which we will raffle off and use the proceeds for a charity at the church. The fabrics that were chosen for the quilt are great. I will haven to remember my camera next month so you can see the material. This is the first time I have ever made an Irish Chain. I certainly have admired them through out the years, just have never made one.
Well that's about it for today. I have the binding sewn on the breast cancer quilt and the brown/pink quilt. I need to sew the back by hand now. I will post pictures of the completed quilts after binding is completely sewn. Have a great day, remember it is the beginning of day light savings time.


Libby said...

Single Irish Chain was one of my very first quilts - I had no understanding of what I was doing . . . at all, but I managed to follow the book and it all worked out. Your hexagons look great - I don't think I have ever met one I didn't like *s*

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This is so pretty! I have friend who did one just like yours, with one row of white connecting hexes and it is a beauty! Great job! Enjoy the process.

Anne said...

Your Grandmother's flowergarden is ging to be beautiful! And it looks like you made the right choice of white in stead of green - you have a very clean and crisp contrast here, and the flowers just pop up :o)

Mary said...

I would have thought of using green too until I saw (and bought) my quilt last month. I love how the white looks both with your flowers and on my quilt.

vinita said...

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