Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sisters Part 3

Here are a few more pictures of the show. This picture and the next one are a couple of the quilts by a featured quilt artist. Here name is Barbara Olson. The quilts are beautiful.

Here is a Scottie dog quilt. The placement of the dogs and blocks is intriguing. A very nice quilt.

I liked this log cabin stars. Black and red was the theme in this section.

This is a really cute art quilt, any way that is what I would call this quilt.

That's it for today. I really don't know how many quilt pictures to share as I noticed others are sharing also and I don't want to bore everyone with the same pictures. I will check other blogs before posting so we don't see to many duplicates.
Have a great evening. I am going to quilt a bit before I start making dinner.


Bren said...

Oh NO! Dot, your blog is the only one I am seeing these quilts on. PLEASE show as many as you can. If people get bored they can skim through. I LOVE the black and whites, especially the log cabin star. Share more!!

Libby said...

Share, share, share *s* It's like getting the chance to see the show myself. I love it all.