Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another completed project

First and foremost I truly want to thank everyone for the lovely comments regarding my last posting. I certainly appreciated all the words of encouragement and all the kind words regarding the top I made. I really did not expect that sort of response. I am truly humbled.

Here is a picture of the second top I have made. This is what became of my quilt in a can project that I wrote about a few posts back. What a chaotic mess, but non the less, isn't that what my life has been the last few weeks. Here is what I worked on yesterday. Yes it did take me all day to make this. Not that it is hard, just that I am that slow right now. I certainly did enjoy making this bag. It is from the tutorial over at Welsh Quilter, (you need to go to the June entries to find the tutorial ). I did have a hard time with the lining. I am still not real happy with it, I think I did something wrong. The lining just doesn't seem to fit right in the bag. Maybe I tweeked the lining a bit with my stitching together of the lining and the outside of the bad, therefore giving a bit of a wonk to it. I am going to leave as is.

One last point of interest. I have been nominated for the SMILE AWARD. I want to thank Karolee, over at My Montana Moments for giving me this award. It made me smile when I realized I received it.

I am going to pass it on to all other quilters in blog land. Each and every blog I read makes me smile in one way or another. I would also like to include two blogs I love to read, My Montana Moments and Off the Grid, these are blogs about my beloved state of MONTANA and they bring a great smile to my face.
Thank-you ladies for making my days a bit brighter and keep up the good work. Dot.


Bren said...

Your halloween bag is so cute!! You get more done with 2 broken arms than I do on my best day. Your quilts are outstanding...what character this one has!
You and your blog are an inspiration to us all and your award is WELL deserved!!!

Jeanne said...

Wowee -- that crumb quilt is awesome!
Jeanne :)

Mama Koch said...

Your bag looks good. I think the lining doesn't look right because it doesn't have the extra stiffner on it--so it's not going to lay flat like the top. Just enjoy it!

The crumb top is wonderful!

Lucy said...

I love your new crumbquilt !!

andsewitis Holly said...

The crumb quilt is awesome as is the bag. Broken arms aren't slowing you down!