Thursday, September 20, 2007


I did some work on my Boo-quet tonight. This is where I am right now. The fabric I have placed for the vase is the fabric I will use but it is not the shape I am thinking of. Any ideas on the flowers, should some go, are the colors schemes satisfactory, should I add some leaves? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Look forward to ideas. Dot


Kathie said...

great colors and great flowers...think you need to cut out the vase shape to see what you need to do.
Yes it nees some leaves (in the shape of candy corn???) and maybe some fun circles for berries and some of the flowers hanging over each side of the vase?
can't wait to see it done!
makes me want to play along with you and Dwan too..
Kathie in NJ

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Cute idea Dot, a BOO-quet! Yes, definitely some leaves are in order, it's going to be great.

paula, the quilter said...

And bunch your stems a bit closer. When you do the leaves make some of them serrated like a venus flytrap. Add to the horror.

bizarrejapan said...
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Anonymous said...

Love everything except the one flower that is black with the white dots in the middle....kinda looks like a ghost! Also leaves would be a nice touch!
Gina in MT

Anonymous said...

Okay...I am STUPID!!! I just now realize it is supposed to look like a ghost! Ignore me...carry on...Gina in MT

Dawn said...

Oh I love it! I love some of your ideas for flowers! I just got one going, but have a second one to do, I might have to borrow some ideas! The colors and amount are great! Bats would make fun leaves.

atet said...

I really like the colors -- but I think you need to vary the heights of the flowers in the arrangement a bit and it would help to see the shape of the vase you want to use.

I might also think about making some of those stems more curvy -- space them out so they take up more of the sides of the space as well. Just an opinion though :0)

JoAnna said...

Oh my goodness. That is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen!

Folks left lots of good comments. Bats would be wicked. Maybe a crescent moon? I like the idea of varying the heights of the flowers and adding leaves too.