Wednesday, October 03, 2007

For Bren

Bren asked for more pictures so here they are. I hope you are not getting sick of this yet. I will have you know some of the pictures of duplicates so I might have taken 100 pictures but maybe two of the same quilt, focusing on different aspects, like the over all quilt and the close up, or maybe my angle was off. Oh well, any way here are more pictures.

Doctor appointment went well today. I don't have to see him again. I have been released. He said he would see me after my next accident. I pray that never happens. He was very pleased with my recovery and how well the physical therapy worked. I am happy also. I still have some tenderness but am getting better all the time. Time certainly heals things. I guess God knows how long we can stand to be cooped up and seems like 8 weeks is about it.
Have a good evening. Dot


Bren said...

Well worth asking for!!! Thanks! I enjoyed every one of them. Our taste must be close.
Glad to hear you have been released from the doc. I am excited to see what that brings in the very near future...if you were sewing with broken arms, what will you do now that you are healed???

Karolee said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilts! I wish I could have seen them in person!

Hope you don't have any more accidents! I'm glad you are healing well.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Thanks for the eye candy! And also for leaving a nice note on my blog All Things Quilty.