Saturday, October 06, 2007

More quilts for Bren

Some more pictures of the Quilt Expo. These two little quilts were made from the extras (trimmings) from a large auction quilt. They auction quilt was beautiful, I did not get a picture of it. Never thought of taking a picture of that quilt, brain fart I guess. Pictures of some really nice quilts.

This was at a vendor booth. I liked the concept and might just make my own rendition of this.

This is a Harry Potter quilt. What I liked about this is the sweater on Harry is actually knit.

Just a train quilt I thought was cute and would be a clever idea for a baby gift. Maybe not in black though.

I will go through and post more tomorrow. Have a good day. Dot.
Oh I almost forgot. FIGHT ON!!!! Remember to root for USC today. They play Stanford.


Karolee said...

Wow! You took a lot of pictures! I'm sure they'll inspire a lot of beautiful quilts!

Bren said...

Excellent pics!! Is that rusching on the heart wreath? I click a close up but there was so much on it. It is exquisite! (spelling??)
I oooh'd and ahhhh'd through them all. Makes me want to piece a new top!!

Ali Honey said...

Thanks,I enjoyed going to the show with you. What a huge variety in types of quilts. You're like me; once you get that camera clicking it is hard to stop.

Quilting Journey said...

Thanks so much for posting the quilt photos! I didn't get to come up this year and it's a real treat to get to see some of them, anyway! And best of all, my legs aren't even tired and the parking came with free coffee ;)

Bea said...

Thank for all the graet pics. This is a stop for many insoirations. Thanks!