Friday, January 25, 2008

Pictures from my sister

Hey, she did display the Christmas wall quilt I made for her. This was a gift I gave my sister for allowing us to use their house Thanksgiving weekend. I know this was hard for her to display, (an inside joke), but I also know it put a smile on her face each time she came into her house. Yvonne you are a good sport. Here is my niece Aimee with a snowman she made. It is sooo cute Aimee and you are also.
Here is my sister on our property in Montana. I am so happy she sent these pictures. I can hardly wait for hubby to get home to show him. I certainly would have been fun to be there with her and her husband on this day.

This is my dear sweet BIL standing in our drive on the property. Look how deep the snow is. Oh what fun that would be.

Here is a picture of a couple of deer on the property. I just wanted to share these wonderful pictures with everyone.

Thank-you Yvonne for doing this for us and sending them. What a pleasant surprise.


Bren said...

That is some DEEP snow. Beautiful pictures!!!

mereth said...

I have never even seen snow, so the pictures are amazing. I can't imagine having all that outside the door, especially the deer. No wonder you love it.
It looks like you've been really busy piecing,now you'll have to post pictures of the quilting.Your feathers are good, I want to give them a try soon.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. Cute snowman!

Karolee said...

Winter in Montana - and snow in Montana is the greatest! In the Dakotas the snow falls sideways because of all the wind. Here it just gently floats down. It's beautiful!