Monday, March 24, 2008

A celebration

We are celebrating a new citizen to the United States of America. Yuliya took her citizenship test last Wednesday and passed. We are all so excited to celebrate with her. Yuliya is in the blue and Vita in is the green. Vita made red/white/blue cupcakes for the celebration. We certainly had a yummy lunch as you can see. I made Yuliya a pair of citizenship socks, red/white/blue. She seems to like them.
Yuliya will be a very welcome citizen, she is hard working and very much interested in being part of the United States. She is very excited to go through the ceremony, she has not done that yet, they will let her know when her ceremony will be. I hope it is on a day that I can attend.
Well I guess I will get back to sewing now. Have a good evening one and all. Dot


andsewitis Holly said...

Coworkers? How fun.

Shelina said...

Congratulations to her! When I became a citizen, it was very low keyed because my parents became citizens before me. They asked me who the president was! I was so mad, because I had studied! But I got to vote for the new president, and that is why I had done it in the first place.

Karolee said...

Totally Cool! How exciting! I just applied for a job as an election judge and so the upcoming elections are on my mind today. I can just imagine her excitment at voting for the first time! Very cool.

QuiltingFitzy said...

How wonderful!

Please remind her to go to the Social Security Admin. to get a new Social Security card! I am responsible for Employment Eligibility for our county and this item causes alot of delays and frayed nerves!

Libby said...

How very exciting! Congrats!