Sunday, December 21, 2008

I feel better now

I feel so much better now that I know Joe Biden will be the czar of my family. I was wondering how I was going to live my life without someone telling me how. I have been floundering now for about 32 years. I had my parents for the first 18 and then something happened. I left home and didn't know what to do. I am really sad that it has taken our government 32 years to figure this out. I know now that after Jan 20th I won't have anymore worries. I will have czar Biden and all the rest of our elected officials in Washington to take care of me. I wonder when I can put in my notice at work. Oh, yeah, I can't do that, they need me to work so they can have my earnings to take care of all of us, silly me. I thought they were going to do that just because they cared about me soooo much and wanted me to have a good life. I will have to work 25 more years before I get my suicide meds, why you ask, because I no longer will be useful to their cause and it will be less expensive and not much of a drain on society to put me down. What a great life I have to look forward to under our new middle class czar.

Let us all celebrate and welcome in the new administration.

May God save America.


Does the choice of the word czar bother anyone else as much as it bothers me? I have not seen anything but czar used for cabinet positions, one after the other, this just does not sit well with me. What is up with that anyway? I thought we were a country of leaders, not czar like dictators?

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cindyquiltsOR said...

The bulk of my public education was in the 1960's, I joined the US Army in 1969.

We were brought up to believe that ANYTHING czar was BAD. As in the Red Scare, the Soviet block, and all things 'commie'.

God save America.