Monday, December 22, 2008

A Spring Fling

Here is my latest complete. I have actually had the top done and quilted for a couple months but needed to sew the binding down. Well, I guess it just took a snow week-end for me to get my bindings done. I sewed the binding on An American Christmas, Spring Fling, and my Christmas Sparkler- pattern offered by Marcie at Patch-A-Lot More.
I really like the snow for taking pictures. Doesn't it make the quilts look more inviting? I think so. All the cold snow with a nice warm quilt on top, plus I don't have to thumb tack it to the wall and wonder if I can make it work.
Good day to all and May God Save America.


SueR said...

That's cute, Dot, and I like those sherbet colors. I am trying to finish up a couple more quilts too this year that are waiting for their bindings too. Merry Christmas!

amandajean said...

i LOVE that quilt!!! i'll have to try photographing my quilts in the snow. we have plenty. :)