Friday, February 13, 2009

following the messiah

Yes I am, that could also be Yes I can. I know I said I would not post anymore political views on this blog but guess what, our Prez (as he likes to be called) promised we would have 5 days to review the stimulus package before a vote would be taken and that DID NOT happen.

Why was it important to vote on the plan today, OH YEAH, Nancy Pelosi had to go to Europe to get an award. I wonder what type of an award, maybe a socialism award?

This stimulus bill was passed and no one knows what is in it. There was no time for anyone the read the over 1100 pages in this bill. It was delivered to the House last night after 11 p.m. and had to be voted on today. (That is no one but the few Democrats that wrote the bill.) I guess our congressmen thought it was more important to follow the fascist Prez instead of doing what is right for the nation and vote is bankruptcy bill down. Our great great grandchildren will be paying this off. Why is there no outrage over this? This man has spent more in three weeks than has been spent in the history of our nation. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE??????

All I can say is thank-you to the 52% of Americans who voted for this change we can believe in.

Oh, don't spend your tax break all in one place either, the whole $13 a week you are going to get.




Janet said...

We are outraged right along with you!

Quilter In Paradise said...

well, he promised change, didn't he... oh boy! what a change is coming...