Sunday, February 15, 2009

Judy's Quilt Along

I have decided to join in on Judy L.'s quilt along. I have been working for over a week now on Bonnie's spiderweb pattern. It is time consuming and I don't think it helps any that I have decided to make it bigger than hers. That means more blocks, more quarter blocks, more sewing, more scraps (hopefully) used.
Here is a picture of the fabrics I had chosen to use on this quilt. It certainly took me a while today to pick out what I wanted. I had other fabrics chosen but then decided that I could not come up with a background I was happy with.
One more question, is anyone else having a problem with pictures on blogs they are trying to read. Some blogs I only get a square with a red x others work fine. Some blogs will work fine one time and not the next. Is there anyone else having this problem?
I best be getting this picture sent off to Judy so I can get the 1st instalment of instructions.
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Elaine Adair said...

Nope - no problems here (knock on wood!)