Friday, August 20, 2010


This quilt has been finished for a few weeks now but I am finally getting around to sharing it.
I found the pattern on Judy L's blog, I have looked for it tonight and can't find it again so I don't exactly what day she posted about it. The post was about a new blog and a free pattern available on the blog. Anyway, the quilt is fun to make but as you can see many corners that need to be trimmed.
I like how it turned out and the two preemie quilts in the last post are from the trimmed corners. I have enough to make another preemie quilt but haven't gotten to it yet.
I started a new paper piece quilt, I have made one like it before, it is the basket quilt I made a while back. I figure with canvassing for the upcoming elections a slow paced paper piece quilt is right in line.
I will have to figure out a new quilt to make when sewing group starts up again in September but I have a few weeks to make that decision.
Well, I have things to get done for tomorrow so I will close for tonight.
May God guide us in saving this great country.

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