Saturday, June 04, 2011

Where have I been

I have been busy.  I have knit this fish hat for my grandson with a few more to knit before I am done.
 I had a birthday, this is the cake my  co-workers gave me.  It was so good.  A  home made carrot cake, I mean a real carrot cake, not a spice cake disguised as a carrot cake.  So many calories it blew my diet for the week-end.

 I have been to my Mom's for a visit.  This is the quilt top I made while at her house for Mother's Day.  She had some fabric we went through, these blocks were in the fabric so I just had to sew them together into a top.  I have quilted this top but don't have a picture of it quilted yet. I have decided to name the quilt "Week-en at Gigi's".
I have been to Montana.  This is the new set up for my cooking and washing dishes area.  I have a little sink set up and I like it.  Sure does make things easier.
I spent much of my time chopping wood.  My husband and worked on a building and while he was doing things I couldn't help with I chopped wood.  We have two more trips planned for the year so we will need a lot of wood for fires.  I also learned I burned a lot of calories chopping this wood.
Here is the building we made during the week-end.  It sure is nice to see our camping area coming together.
I did catch a horrible cold while camping.  When we got home I starting getting a really bad sore throat and have been under the weather since.  My throat is getting better but I do get coughing jags that are uncontrollable.  I suppose these will go away also.

I am working on other quilt tops and busy knitting on another fish hat.  I will post more as things progress.  Thanks for being so patient with me.


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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Looks like you are busy with life! Happy birthday. Love your camp set-up, it will be nice to get up there for your other planned trips this summer. Cheers! Evelyn