Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

This is my last project of 2011.  I made a winter table topper for my family room.  I like how it cam out. I think I needed a winter feel for the room.  These maybe the only snowflakes I see this year in my area.

This is a pictures of my donated items this year.  I made shopping/book bags, crocheted hats and quilts which were donated to Frontier Missions.                       
The spools of thread I used in 2011.  I used 23 large, 4 medium, 8 small, and 30 midget.  I wonder how many I will use in 2012.

I know I was not a productive in 2011 as in past years but life sometimes does that to us.  I did not make a list this year as I was not very good at keeping track of what I made.  I made many of the same things and did not want to bore people with pictures of the same type of item over and over so I didn't keep track of all the projects.  I am working on one quilt now, have two I need to complete, they were probably started 2-3 years ago so they should be well aged by now.  I certainly have plenty of fabric to sew, that is not a problem.

I pray everyone has a great New Years and my God bless everyone through out the year.


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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

That is a big pile for donations! Wonderful! And lucky recipients - you do such nice work. Table toppers, especially seasonal ones are nice, quick projects to give your home a little perk. I am not so good at seasonal decoration, but with an 8 year old son, I make an effort! Children ALWAYS seem to notice these little things! I could never be organized enough to keep track of my empty spools - they are often put to use for various 8 year old craft projects, LOL! They do double duty, I guess! Happy New Year to you also. Cheers! Evelyn