Friday, June 29, 2012

I have been sewing

I have decided to sew along with July L.'s quilt for and hour.  The quilt for an hour is Nicole,s sofa quilt.  I have done many of her quilts and I really like them.  She started the project with flyging geese.  While I decided to try the technique of making four geese at one time.  There is a bit of math involved and I guess I better brush up on my math skills.  I did my math wrong and the first four way minature.  The one on the left was one of the first batch, then I went back to my paper and pencil, redid the math and acheived the right size, which is on the right.  I made the 72 needed for days 1,2 and 3.

Today I made the 72 needed for days 4 and 5.  I am caught up as I just started the project yesterday afternoon. I do need to trim the dog ears but I can do that later while watching television.  I had been busy getting other projects competed, pictures will come later.

My son and his family are visiting this week and I have spent time with them.  It has been fun and a bit nail biting as they live in Colorado Springs and with the wild fires going on we were very concerned about their house.  Fortunately for them their house seems to be spared, as far as all the info we have, but he does have some friends who have lost their homes. 

Well I better get to work (house work that is). 

May God bless you and our country.


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Diane Wagner said...

Love the red and white geese. I'm not doing this quilt, but look forward to seeing hoe your's turns out.