Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Trip completed

The scrappy trip around the world is completed.  I turned out rather large.  I tried the quilt on my queen sized bed and I had plenty of over hang.  The quilt is made for a double bed in our tar paper shack in the Yaak, so I am thinking this is going to be too large for what I want.  I will find out soon enough.  I have decided if the quilt is too large I will bring it home and give to charity. 

Not much else going on. I have three other quilts that need the binding so I will do that and of course watch the last episode of Dallas tonight.  I am really liking the new Dallas.

Take care, may God bless you and our country,



Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Well,the overall photo of the quilt looks very striking! I like extra large quilts because my DH has a tendency to bunch it all up and sleep on top of it so I have no hope of getting a bit of a regular sized quilt for myself - but the extra large ones give me a fighting chance, LOL! The other reason why I like a quilt with overhang is because I often lie down on top of my bed and fall asleep - if I have a big quilt I can pull some on top of me as I doze off and stay snuggy! Well, everyone has a preference. I think it is a nice quilt :). Great stash buster too! Cheers! Evelyn

Saska said...

<----my name is Charity!

Love this quilt pattern...have made it several times, and it always turns out georgous. But, I need to make one for myself to keep!
I have a king sized bed and it is hard to get a quilt big enough. If it do, it's so darn heavey!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love this quilt, it's a trip I would love to be on too! Well done, Dot!