Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thread used

I finally got around to totaling the thread I used in 2012.  Here are the results:  63 pre-wound bobbins, 21 jumbo spools, 4 regular spools, 4 small spools, 26 miniature spools.  I think this is down from previous years but I also think I did not make as many quilts either.

I did some knitting and will share pictures later.

Here is a list of projects i did in 2012

2 sets of curtains
15 quilts
1 wall quilt
1 knit baby sweater
4 knit adult adult quilts
numerous baby socks
1 Halloween hat
3 knit shawls
2 knit spider-man blankets
2 table toppers
4 knit hats
2 knit cowls
1 lunch bag
3 grocery bags
3 knit head bands
1 crochet flower hat

this is the list I came up with.  I know there are a few projects I did not document.

Well this is good enough for today.  I am hoping to be more consistent with keeping up on my blog this year.

May God Bless You and yours


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