Saturday, March 23, 2013

Airing of the Quilts

 Today there was a quilt show in Milwaukie OR.  It is called "Airing of the Quilts", my friend Diane (from Pine Point designs) and I went.  Here a the quilts that I found intriguing enough to take pictures of.
 This quilt made me thing of Judy from Patchwork Times.  She is always having adventures with her chickens.
 I like this concept for a winter/Christmas quilt.
 Someday I will make a T block quilt but I don't think I will use this setting.
 This quilt is fun, it reminds me of being at the beach.
 Someday a School house quilt.
 Someday a flower basket.
 living tree quilt
 card trick quilt.  The story behind this one, the lady standing there found this quilt at a thrift store for 10.00.  She bought it, brought it home, rounded the corners, put binding on it a bam a great quilt.  It was my favorite quilt of the show.
 I like this, it is called BBQ pattern?  Not sure why but that is what the tag said.
 another tree quilt
 like this concept for using up fabrics
 I have seen this on the Internet and like it in person
 LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt,  I am going to make one.
 Neat wall quilt
Thread painting.

Well that is it for today.  I best get working on the golf quilt.  MY brother probably thinks I have forgotten about it.  No I have not and am working on it now.

May God Bless you and save our country.



Diane Wagner said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pics. I really enjoyed the show, too. I like the fact that it's not a judged show and anyone can enter their quilts. I wish there were more shows like this one in our area.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thank you for sharing "The Airing"; they're all great!