Sunday, March 10, 2013

Charity quilt

My latest complete.  I wanted to use up some of my brown fabrics, saw this pattern in a quilt magazine and decided this would be a good choice.  I am not a brown person, started collecting brown fabrics because I didn't have any when I needed them and now I have way to much.  I don't care for the quilt, decided to take it to Montana for the camp but hubby says no way.  He doesn't like it either so he and I agree, charity quilt for sure.

Now onto to tax info for the day.  I need to get my tax info collected and sent off to my favorite CPA.  My beautiful daughter in law is a CPA and she does our taxes for us.  What a sweetie to put up with our tax info.
Have a great day and may God bless you and yours.


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Diane Wagner said...

I think the pic makes this quilt look really modern. In person though it does lack something, but I can't figure out what...maybe it's the start difference between the browns and the white. Whoever gets it should be happy cuz it's a nice quilt made with love.