Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Really Lazy Sunday

I took the challenge of making the mystery quilt offered by Bonnie Hunter in Quiltmaker Magazine.  Well this is my finished quilt.  The reason I say "my" is because I put the quilt together wrong.  I did not realize it was wrong until I was almost done quilting so this is how it well stay.  I know there is someone out there who will love the quilt and use it. 

I will donate this quilt to charity, not because it is wrong but because that was the purpose of the quilt when I started the project.  I try to donate at least 12 quilts a year and I think I will fall short this year but I am striving to reach that goal.

Have  a wonderful day and who knows when I will bless you with another post.  I have not be very consistent but my life has been very busy with non quilting activities.


1 comment:

Diane Wagner said...

I think your quilt turned out really cool! Good job! Since I haven't done this pattern I have no idea what went wrong for you.