Sunday, April 09, 2017

All good until..........

It was going real good until I was almost finished with the quilting then I realized I had a block turned the wrong direction.  This is the second quilt I made with this pattern and I was so excited to quilt this one.  I had decided to work on my freehand feathers and ruler work.  Humming along then I run into the problem of a turned block.  Not going to fix it,  I would have had to take the quilt off the quilting machine, turn the block and reload.  The quilt was finished as is and will go to someone who will love it imperfections and all.

I pray your day is blessed and until next post, May God Bless you all.


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Beth said...

Oh Dot! Can I introduce you to a CLASS SAMPLE? I pieced it, bordered it, quilted it ...BOUND IT... And still didn't see the COMPLETE BOO BOO until I held it up in class. SIGH! I think this is a perfect opportunity to name it something completely perfect. How about GPS?! (I know you have been follow the GPS to the tee, and STILL get lost?)

I love the pattern. My quilt next up in my queue is a scrappy trip around the world. Its asymetrical too. Funny how I love symmetry and yet an asymmetrical quilt floats my boat! Love your quilting too.