Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finn this one is for you. You spoke today in you blog of green and your love for green. My sister also loves green. She was envious of a quilt I made for her husband after his back surgery. (I had made him a recovery quilt.) My sister was giving me a hard time about the quilt, asking how many times she must injure herself to receive a quilt. I decided I would make her a quilt, using all different shades of green and this is what she got. I named the quilt, "Green with Envy". She loves the quilt. I myself like organe and have made myself one in orange.

( I didn't load the pictures centered so this is what we get today.)

I started woking on the scottie dog quilt yesterday. I will post pictures as I get further into the quilt. I must go make dinner. Have a great evening.


Nancy said...

I like both of these. The green is so calming but I LOVE orange so that one is actually my favorite.

Finn said...

Hi Dot, I must say Thank You for showing me a green quilt. I LOVE IT!! It's a great design and lots of green, but I love the orange one too. Have to say we should have a word with your sister..kind of a low blow way to get a quilt. Glad you named it what you did...LOL. Thanks for making my afternoon!!

Duyvken said...

wow! These are just beautiful.