Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well I did not get my quilting done on the Christmas quilt. It took longer with the errands and housework than I thought it would. Cleaning up after the Holidays and BCS bowls was more than I expected.

Our son prepared to go back to college yesterday also. I love the little fella but can that boy procrastinate. We finally went to dinner at 6:15 then had to race home, pick up his bags and get him to the airport by 7:30. As usual, time is on his side and all worked out well. We did not get home until after 8 pm.

This is a quilt I made last year. The pattern is from Fons and Porter quilting magazine, I used halloween fabric instead of the the fabric they had used. (I love the halloween colors therefore I will make a halloween quilt any chance I get. ) I thought it turned out really well.

Today I will finish the Christmas quilt. I have started preparing to make a Scottie Dog quilt. Haven't quite figured out how I want to do it but that is most likely my next project unless I get side tracked.

I hope and pray all have a great day.

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Kangastuksia said...

I just love it :)