Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pictures of finished projects

These are my projects I have finished in the last few weeks. Here is a picture of the quilt I made for the little one recovering from staph infection. I probably should have used a darker pink for the letters but this is what it is. I know the background with the doll is red and I choose to use pinks elsewhere but there is pink in the fabric and I used what I had on hand. I have a lot of pink because of the breast cancer quilt I made and the couple of trip around the worlds in pink. I think it turned out fine for just starting on late Friday night, and it is to be a kick around quilt. A quilt to be loved while feeling horrible.
Here is the final show tree. I really liked the idea of a rake but thinking of the recipient I don't think it would do. I think the final outcome will be just what the person who this will go to will really like. I showed it to a co-worker, a shoe freak, and she loved it; so the recipient should like it also.

Bonnie asked me to show a picture of the completed booties. This is what they look like after felting before worn. They are sooooo warm.

The next two are pictures of the great free pattern Marcie at Patchalot allowed use all to use. I have the binding sewn down and think I will give them to co-workers as Christmas gift.
I will close now. So much to do, so little time. Have a great week. Dot


Quilting Journey said...

Your quilts are just perfect, Dot. I think any little girl would just love that, the pink wording is softer and more playful, and just right. The donated and gift giving quilts are all wonderful, as are your socks...I think you work incredibly hard and a have a beautiful and giving heart in all ways!!!

Teri said...

I love how the shoe tree quilt came out. It's just beautiful. Your other quilts are great too. Thanks for sharing with us.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your quilt show and tell was inspiring. I love the shoe tree, but the 'Lets Play Dolls' quilt is my favorite when I think of how happy the child will be who receives that, and we all know of the magical healing powers given off by such wonderful quilts! Well done, Dot. The little tree quilts are fantastic, too!

Deb said...

The doll quilt is adorable! But I Love the shoe quilt! It is just too cool!

Karolee said...

Just looked over all your pics. Love the quilts. They all look like so much fun! They make me anxious to get out of debt so I can buy a sewing machine and get started. Until then, I just have to content myself with knitting.

Love the slippers (and hats). I haven't tried felting yet - but it's on my knitting 'to learn' list. I understand it is pretty simple. I just need to find a pattern I like.

Also love the bowling shirt pattern. I love bowling. We went on Sunday with the company Christmas party -what fun! I haven't bowled in a league for years. The cigarette smoke was really starting to get to me.

Quilt Memories said...

WOW!!!!! All the quilts are stunning, but my favorite is the shoe quilt, my sister would have a fit over that!!!! And what little girl wouldn't like the doll quilt???Hope she is better and home now, staph infections are NO FUN, also very serious. The tree quilts are cute as well, keep up the great quilting, as you are an inspiration to us all.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your versions of Marcie's pattern are great - I hope you e-mail her photos because she has created a gallery - this looks so cute and so many bloggers have made one - it is fun to see them all together in one spot.

You have been busy, busy. Guess that means you are feeling better which is great. Love that doll quilt for a little girl. It really is a wonderful idea for children - will have to try something similar. My son loves truck/train/etc. fabric and hates for me to cut the design!

And like everyone else commented - any shoe lover will love the shoe quilt!