Saturday, December 01, 2007

Shopping with Hubby

Today hubby and I went out to do the errands I usually do by myself. I go to the post office, get the mail, and drop by JoAnn's super store (next to the post office) if there is an item I want to get.
Well, today hubby went with me because we need to update (renew) our passports. We stopped and got the pictures taken, went to get the mail, went to JoAnn's. I had two 50% off coupons and decided he could buy an item for me using one of the coupons. I wanted 2 skeins of yarn. Easy enough, well he started looking at the fabric and this is what he found. The Christmas fabric is 50% off and he wanted this fabric, and as you can see there is a pattern there also. He wants me to make him a bowling shirt out of this Christmas fabric. I will make it but I told him it will not get done this year. He is a funny guy. I certainly hope he wears the shirt when done.
I am going to load the child's quilt on the machine. The USC game comes on in about 30 minutes and I will watch that. I hope they win, if they do it will be Rose Bowl for a team I thought was not going to be going to a bowl at all this year. Funny how things work out. FIGHT ON!!!!!!!


Libby said...

Minutes to go and it looks like we are in great shape! *woo hoo*

andsewitis Holly said...

Hey, how about those Beavers, eh?!! I don't even like football and I found myself getting all worked up in overtime :)

It's fun when husbands get involved in our hobbies. He has good taste.

Sweet P said...

Love the Santa fabric. It will make a great bowling shirt.

Elaine Adair said...

oh boy - that Santa fabric will make for an uhhhh .... interesting bowling shirt! Have fun! But it's REALLY nice that he actually found the fabric himself!