Friday, May 02, 2008

I have been sewing

I have been very busy. I finished quilting all the twelve quilts for Rosie and will get them sent off tomorrow. I also decided I needed an easy pattern to make another donation quilt so I settled on Boxy Stars from Bonnie's Quiltville. This is an easy pattern to follow and fun to make. I am a bit slow though and couldn't see the stars in the scrappy look so I decided to make ti using one color for the box and one color for the star, dah!!!! I can see it now. I am a bit slow I admitted.

While I was making the boxy stars I thought what if???? What if I used two colors and placed them a bit differently could I get a tulip? Well as you can see the answer is yes. I do see another tulip quilt coming out of this. Oh so much fun. I won't put words this time but I will make another tulip quilt.
I have also been working on a quilt I won't be able to show until September. I am working on the baby quilt I am making for my daughter and knowing that there are some out there that read my blog close to her I will not be able to post a picture until after I give her the quilt for the baby. Due date of the baby is September 15th so the quilt will be revealed shortly before or shortly after that date. Oh what suspense. All I will say about it is it will be a quilt she will love and will never expect.
Not much else happening. Back to the machine. Have a good week-end. Dot


Bren said...

Yikes! My Grandbaby is due on Sept. 19th and I have not even started it. We will find out boy/girl in a couple of weeks so I wanted to wait til then. I am sure if it is a girl then LOTS of pink will be used and if it is a boy then I am leaning towards sailboats.
I love how you turned the boxy star into a tulip!

Bren said...

"It" being the quilt!!! I need a full cup of coffee before I start commenting on blogs!

andsewitis Holly said...

You are one busy gal quilting 12 quilts and then some in such short amount of time. I haven't taken a stitch in a long time.

Kim said...

wow that's really interesting how the the stars appear - you should definatly email Bonnie a pic.
I love your soap- I never had the patience for making big batches as I'm the only one that uses the oatmeal kind :(

Thanks for stopping by my blog

Knit-Wit said...

Wow! You have been busy!