Saturday, September 10, 2011

Warehouse sale

Knit Picks had a warehouse sale today.  What a sale!  My daughter and I went, the fabric was 2.69 a pound, the e-mail stated the fabric pieces were 4" by 24" samples and not to many to choose from, NOT, they were yardage pieces and boxes of fabric. We had fun digging and finding much treasure but left a lot for other shoppers.  Yarn was 12.00 a pound and there was plenty of that to choose from.  I didn't purchase to much yarn as I have plenty now, not that I don't have plenty fabric but I seem to use up my fabric faster.  Books were 5.00 each, I didn't even look at the books but my daughter bought three really good books.  I thought I didn't need any but after seeing hers I should have looked.

This was the first time Knit Picks has had a warehouse sale and I certainly hope not the last.  I loved it and look forward to another.  Well I better get sewing so I can have room to store more fabric and yarn if they happen to do another sale.

Pray for those lives lost and affected by the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.  What a solemn day for America but we will eventually become a stronger more secure nation due to these circumstances.

May God continue to Bless our great country and may the people of this country turn back to God.


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